As we adjust to a changing work environment, Parents At Work is facilitating live meet-up sessions to help with responding to the new needs of parents, carers and managers as you adapt to combining remote work with family.


Webinar #1: The Future of Workplace Flexibility 

Webinar #2: Leading Flexible Teams in a Changing Environment

Webinar #3: Adjusting to Changing Flexible Work and Family Routines

Webinar #4: Digital Wellbeing for Children with ySafe

Webinar #5: Managing Mental Wellbeing for You and Your Family 

Webinar #6: Returning to Work - At Home!

Webinar #7: Career.Life Design - Looking After Your Career Wellbeing

All webinars offer:

➜ Interactive Q&A with other working parents and carers and/or managers

➜ Speak to expert Executive Work-Life Coaches who are Mental Health First Aid qualified 

➜ Focus on the wellbeing of you, your family and your team  

➜ Delivering you practical tips and tools to implement now

For Managers

This webinar series is designed for to support teams to adapt to the changing work landscape in response to COVID-19. 

Remote work is radically reshaping how we work and live.  As organisations busily plan to welcome employees back to the office  post Covid, they are fast re-imaging how and what 'working from the office' will actually mean in reality.  Workplaces acknowledge we're still months away from having everyone back behind their desks as they used to be, prompting some employers to drastically rethink how and where their people will work.

Hear from experts as we explore: the future of workplace organisations design and flexibility.

  • Shiona Watson, General Manager, Human Resources at QBE Insurance.
  • Kristen Miller, Head of Workplace, Westpac Group.
  • Stephen Barrow-Yu, Executive Director, People and Change, KPMG & Director, Diversity Council of Australia.
  • Hosted by Emma Walsh, CEO, Parents At Work


Facilitated by Executive Leadership Coaches, this webinar is designed to help people leaders create sustainable strategies to manage remote teams to ensure they stay connected, engaged and productive. We’ll cover prioritising your team’s wellbeing, creating a safe team environment and support your team in flexible working.

Empower, energise and motivate your team to embrace the future of work.

This is a family friendly ‘meet up’. Parents At Work understand background noise and/or interruptions are sometimes unavoidable and they welcome all children, pets and partners to participate as they see fit. 

NOTE: The webinar will run for 1 hour including time to ask questions.


  • 9 JUNE 1.30PM
  • 24 JUNE 1.00PM

For Parents & Carers

These online 'meet-up' webinars provide a convenient way to connect and share experience on how to make the new work-life juggle work and be supported with your work and care needs.

This is a family friendly ‘meet up’. Parents At Work understand background noise and/or interruptions are sometimes unavoidable and they welcome all children, pets and partners to participate as they see fit.  

NOTE: The webinar will run for 1 hour including time to ask questions 

As we transition to schools going back and workplaces resuming we enter another period of adjusting to change and the uncertainty that comes with it. Facilitated by experienced executive coaches this webinar is designed to support you and your family navigate changing routines and create strategies to adjust to a new “normal” in a Covid world.

This is a family friendly ‘meet up’. Parents At Work understand background noise and/or interruptions are sometimes unavoidable and they welcome all children, pets and partners to participate as they see fit. 


  • 17 June 1.00PM

With kids spending more time online in the current environment, join Kids Cyber Safety expert, Yasmin London as she shares everything parents need to know about keeping kids safe in an online world.  This is a discussion based session, opportunity to engage in Q&A.


  • 11 JUNE 11.00AM

The COVID-19 pandemic is having an effect on almost every aspect of our daily family life and for many, it’s the uncertainty and worry that is impacting our mental health and wellbeing the most. Many families feel they’ve lost their ‘social-hood’, contact with their support network, family and friends has been disrupted which is distressing.

This webinar ‘meet up’ is a chance to review the issues that impact mental health caused by isolation and to share ways to look after you, your children and extended family during this time. 

Hear from experts as we deliver you some concrete ideas that you can support your family’s mental health and wellbeing and how you can prioritise your own mental health. We’ll explore everything from resilience and mindfulness techniques to practical self-care routines and habits.


  • 15 JUNE 1.30PM
  • 25 JUNE 10.00AM

For many people returning to work after parental leave normally means settling your baby into a new child care routine and heading back into an office to work alongside a team.

The impact of Covid-19 has left parents without many child care options and returning to work now means working from home, indefinitely for now. 

If you’re returning to work in the coming weeks and months and you know you’re going to need to negotiate your role differently and determine out how you’re going to care for your infant whilst you work, then join this webinar with Parents At Work expert coaches.  We will guide you through what you can do to;

- discuss options with your manager
- establish a care and work routine from home
- share tips and resources on how you can source additional child care support so that you feel more prepared for the transition ahead.

If you’re already back at work, this meet up will be great to explore what works and what doesn’t and re-evaluate what you need to make the return to work experience an easier one. This is an active Q&A session. Bring your questions and we’ll aim to answer them all.



Many people have found their usual work routines have been turned upside down by Covid-19.  When we experience sudden change at work, it can take time to adjust and reintegrate with the rest of our daily life demands. Therefore, it’s good to pause, review and redesign your job, consider how you can contribute in different ways to your team and re-scope what is essential vs non-essential – at work and at home.

This presents an opportunity to reflect and leverage your strengths and capabilities in ways you might not have been able to do previously.

If you need help reshaping your job to adjust to new demands and carve out a path that works for you, join this meet up webinar to hear from Career Life Design expert Gill McLaren with Parents At Work, CEO, Emma Walsh as they help you navigate and invest in your career and life wellbeing. They will share a step by step guide to help you navigate from uncertainty to clarity so you can thrive.


  • JUNE dates TBC
Contact if you wish to make these webinars available to your employees.

Parents At Work will be running several of these sessions each week and you are welcome to join as many times as you like.

We trust you will find these useful at this time of change in work and family circumstances however if you require additional support please contact us on

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